Over the past 4 years, the force that is Jordan Krumbine has been a source of creativity and inspiration for many.  This also includes me.

Upon meeting him in the summer/fall of 2006, I noticed that he was not the average lab rat that constantly roamed our dusty dirty office.  His first conversation with me dealt with Paul Stanley's solo tour, which was in town.  He knew I was a KISS fan and asked if I was going.  I knew things were going to be alright from then on.

After another conversation at work (he was discussing "Farce of the Penguins" with a security guard and his co-worker, Jackie.  Jackie is STILL salty over this conversation, HA!), I began to hang around him on his night shift.  It was around this time when he showed me his first videos.  If I am not mistaken, it might have been "God's Personal Assistant".  I thought it was hilarious and began to check out his other works on his original channel, JordanCG.

After hanging out and completing what he called “a really good table reading”, we planned on working on some scripts when suddenly, he left the job.  I remember feeling pretty sad about this, after finding a creative force outside of the music world that I truly enjoyed.  I was even further saddened when he left town for Naples, FL. 

As time moved on, Jordan created "Talking Heads", and asked me to participate.  But in 2007, this was not an idea I could act on.  After a disastrous roommate breakup and increasing financial distress made it impossible for me to participate at the time, since I had no webcam.

At some point at the beginning of the end of the Talking Heads run, Jordan came to me and asked if I could produce some music for the new episodes as well as some of the back episodes.  So on a "sick" day in November of 2008, I recorded several songs for him that he would end up using for years to come ("The Vlog-A-Log" opening "Horbawrong" track is from that session).

With more money, a supportive girlfriend, and new recording gear, I began to work even more on Talking Heads things.  The majority of these would end up in other Krumbine videos, as Talking Heads was pretty much wrapping up at this point.

It was around this era when he came to me with a concept of people web-camming about the end of the world.  Using his guidelines, I created the lion's share of the "Apocablog" score.

Other projects and things would follow.  After this, Jordan began to talk with me about his concept of WEBCAMS.  By this time, I had a webcam and was able to participate.  It, in my opinion, was on!

Around episode 4, Jordan instituted the ":20 second Song Challenge", after using an older track which was made for Talking Heads (which is the opening music).  I did not participate in the first challenge, as I was in a frantic busy state at the time.  After hearing the songs submitted, I was highly impressed and equally as ambitious and inspired.

Compiled for you, over time, is the ideas, thoughts, and lyrics to the (so far) 11 songs that I have produced for WEBCAMS.  Consider it like a DVD commentary without the DVD.

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