By: Chris LeBrane




I met a girl

She was a real young beaut

Now I just don't know what to do

She heard my song and then she called it "Cute"

Now I've got no choice, I've got to pass on through

(Cute? Bitch, I'm GREAT!)
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No compliment could be so offensive.  Just kidding...or am I?

When I read the script for this particular episode, it hit home quite hard.  Throughout my years of being creative and making music (initially starting in 1991 but technically 1997), there has been at least 20 times where I played someone a song, and their response was "Oh!  That's cute!".  OUCH!

Given, a compliment is a compliment.  But I do agree with the creative and technical merits which are pushed aside for some sort of bland-ish generalization.  It's like going to the Guggenheim and saying "Oooh!  Look at the colors".  You gotta have more of a detailed appraisal than that!

Either way, these things cannot be avoided.  We will all end up creating what we will all consider the "Thriller" of all of your works:  the one that is the greatest and someone REALLY attractive is going to call it cute.  I shall merely smile, thank them, and then pray for them (just kidding...but you know what I am talking about!)

In essence, the lyrics came forth very easily.

The song tells a simple tale:  Guy makes song, girl calls it cute, guy leaves girl.  Simple as that.  Extreme?  Maybe.  But you get my point...

The production of the music was a bit different.

Wanting to perfect my love for the sounds of the LM-1 drum machine, I tried out a more precise method of mixing the drum machine, by having each sound have its own separate audio channel in my music program.  That way, I could apply various effect and dynamics to certain drums.

I then took all the influences that I have been toying with recently and mixed it with the older style of things I was used to.  What got created is this sort of hybrid "Prince meets Devo" type of sound, as describe by my girlfriend.

The brassy synth sound that handles the main riff in the beginning was a synth sound I created to emulate the sound that Prince was using circa 1982-1985: the classic Oberheim synthesizer sound.  Prince also used an ARP Omni 2 string sound in combination with the Oberheim, which I also included in the sound I created. 

My DEVO-ness came from the LM-1 drums (used by both Prince and DEVO) and some of the noise sequences.  I went for earlier Depeche-style sequenced lines as well.  It's a mix-mash up of all these things, aided by electric bass guitar and rhythm guitar.  I am pretty happy with the results of my guitar playing (the one instrument I am not that great on).

These songs definitely give me the opportunity to test out my equipment.  And because of them, I find out more every time.

And there's nothing "cute" about that!
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