Written by:  Eric Morrison
Music by:   Chris LeBrane
Word in parenthesis performed by:  Eric Morrison


(Hey Brotha!  Where you at?)
(I'm in...)
(You're in?) (Urine??)
(I'm at the urinal man!  Don't talk to me!)

Don't talk to me
(I'm at the urinal)
Don't talk to me
(I'm trying to pee)
Don't talk to me
(I'm at the urinal)
If you distract, I won't be able to pee

(Nice day outside!)
(Would you stop talking to me?  I'm trying to PEE!!)
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Pissing the night away...

Before I got a moment to conjure up a concept for this particular WEBCAMS episode, I was given a gem via Krumbine, via the Wunderkind himself, Mr. Eric Morrison.

It's no secret that Eric's contributions to the Krumbination as well as his very own RagingBeaverCo are nothing short of sheer genius.  A highly imaginative and enthusiastic talent, Eric and I first collaborated musically a few short months/weeks ago, when I completed a song idea that he videotaped entitled "Dirty Pinch of Love".  The production of the song went very well and Eric seemed genuinely happy with the results (hopefully a video for that coming soon!  Keep your digits twisted!).

So, upon receiving an MP3 file of Eric singing the above-written lyrics acapella style, I sat and contemplated on how I was going to attack this project.

Since I have been DEEP into the Synth-pop of late 70s early 80s Britain, it was only a matter of time (in my head at least) before I would venture to another one of my synth favorites:  Depeche Mode.

Not so much that I emulated much of their sound, but I composed it in a way that would fit into their lineup. Let's see if I can explain this better:

In the early days of Depeche (and pretty much throughout its history until about 1993), it was simply 4 guys (Vince Clarke (later Alan Wilder), Andrew Fletcher, Martin Gore, and Dave Gahan).  Three of them played mono-synths while Dave, the lead singer, simply sang.  In addition to the three synths, they had a reel-to-reel tape machine (as most of those synth bands had at the time) which supplied the backing drums and also the bass line.  So, in that spirit, I set it up to have the correct number of "instruments" according to the people in the group.  So, basically imagine that each one is playing a different sound that you hear in the composition, minus the percussion and synth bass (!)

In keeping with the spirit of the "Mode", I also used metal sounding percussion samples in the drums, a staple of their early "dark" period (See albums Construction Time Again (Mute, 1983); Some Great Reward (Mute, 1985) for examples).  But I keeps it real.  In addition to this, the ever present Linn LM-1 drum machine samples are incorporated for punch and thickness (You can't beat this machine!  Someone should buy me the real one!  Hello?  Anybody still there?)

The last factor in my DM emulation was the use of Samplers.  From the two Depeche albums I mentioned above, they incorporated the use of Samplers for most of the album.  So within my music program (Propellerhead's Reason 4.0), I utilized the software samplers that came with it. Mostly all of the sounds I used in this composition all came from sampler banks that came with the program.  But I also did something different and new for me...

When thinking of how I was going to sing this song, I had an idea:  "Why not throw Eric in there as well?"  So I did.

By chopping up the MP3 file he gave me, I individually placed his phrases on different keys on my MIDI controller.  Once that was done, I merely "played" his words, for control and timing reasons.  It worked like a charm, and brought forth a new level of creativity for me in the usage of my tools.  May not be much for most, but it was a huge step for me.  I was (and still am) excited!

I then recorded my vocals, mixed it and sent it on its merry urine-stained way.

I hope you all enjoy it!

And watch where you step.
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8/12/2010 03:32:53 pm

I will buy you this mythical drum machine. Just as soon the money starts coming in. Which should be around when the Unicorn Farm finally ups production of the glitter-horn model.

8/13/2010 12:02:58 am

OMFG!!! What an awesome durprise as I wake up this morning! Hahaha, love it, never would have expected to hear my own voice,lol. You rock.


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