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Can't say it better than that!

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As most know from the commentaries about "Golf" it is a mixed one.  But the song is a different ball game, for me.
Sometime in the month of June, 2010...
When told about the episode, Jordan kinda left me to do whatever, only giving me a task of making something sound "sports-like".  So, in my head, I thought, what's better than a sort of ESPN-esque interpolation?  ESPN musically has always been a source of interest for me.  Basically, it's this huge overblown triumphant music to emphasize the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat.  But at the same time, it's this highly triumphant music that hasn't changed literally in the last 35-40 years.  True, the songs may change and they are "newer" sonically, but the elements remain the same:  usually a repetitious rhythm (usually a shuffle), with some padding in the background and really LOUD horns!  So that's what I set out to do.
While creating the music, I remember being highly pleased with the chords going on in the background. Something about the way I put them together was just a nice feeling.  I recall just playing that part over and over again for hours when doing it.
After adding bass and drums and the horns, I then guessed it, the LM-1 to provide a "Whacking" sound, as if some guy had just tee'd off.  It was the clap sound, once again.  What can I say?  A versatile instrument the LM-1 is (if only I had the REAL one, lol)
During the whole production of the song, I just kept thinking about ESPN graphics of old: chrome borders, old 1970's Scanimate effects, clips of golfers streaming by...and once it gets to the "WHACK!" in neon cursive letters, it was read GOLF!
Being influenced by that as well as the "Real Men of Adventure" commercials (where a guy just sings what the announcer basically said), I pitched my voice down and said "Golf".  
The singer’s response?
This one line had me in hysterics based on thought alone.  So I had to do it.
I sent it to Krumbine, and waited for its release...
and waited...
and waited...
And we moved on.  But I was always confident that the episode would come forth.  And it did. And while it may have not met the expectations of some, I still feel it's a damn good episode.

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10/25/2010 05:47:25 am

I'm never going to live my opinion down, am I?

Chris LeBrane
10/25/2010 06:24:23 am

LOL...You da man!


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