by: Chris LeBrane


We're all heavenbound

It just depends on what heaven means to you

Whether it's in the air or upstairs

It's all a thing of perception


(It's all up to you, everything’s the truth)


(Just do whatever feels good to you)
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It’s all in the mind.  It’s all up to you.

Simply put, upon reading the script, the lyrics flowed out of me like something flowing out of something.

Being the controversial topic that it is, I didn't know if my beliefs or what I wanted to convey would either make any sense, or if anyone would be able to relate.  So, I put a phat-ass LM-1 driven dreamscape down to back it up. 

NOTE TO THE COOL:  If you ever want to get your point across...put a beat behind it.  Most can't fuck with it!  (hehe)
And commentary on the subject at hand...

NOTE:  The following views and opinions are those of Chris LeBrane and Chris LeBrane only.

The on-going subject that never seems to quite go away...

Most of the time, I tend to skirt around the issue of religion.  Why is that you may ask?  Because, from my experiences (not all, but the majority), it ends badly. 

There are a few variables that make this inevitable:

1.  Everyone believes that they are right

2.  No one usually has much in the way of regard for the other's opinion, even if in a debate

3.  I simply think people like to fight.

I could be wrong, but this is usually what I see.

I was raised Christian, in a Baptist home most of my life.  For us, church and believing was never much of a problem. (If you've never been to a black Baptist church in the would know why.  It’s a HIGHLY enjoyable and entertaining experience!)

Now, I have had my questions regarding the validity of it all, and while all of my questions may have not been answered, it never deterred my faith to an extent.

Basically, I can find something wrong with ANYTHING.  Therefore, none of the religions (or no religion for that matter) makes a perfect argument.  On the flip side of that coin, I can understand and for the most part relate and/or respect another person’s views.  I don't think the beef stems from the actual religions themselves, but of the attitudes of the people involved in them, as well as the people who do not participate.

Now, speaking on a very basic human level, I would think that ANYONE would get highly irrational and defensive whenever something they believe in is being questioned.  Especially if the questioning party already has their mind made up about the situation.  A smug tone, scoffing, and bitter-edged laughing is just about enough to make anyone lose their religion...or lack thereof.

The atheists scoff and laugh at the Christians for believing in something they consider illogical and nonsensical.

The Christians scoff and laugh at the Atheists for not believing in something that they truly believe in their heart-of-hearts to be real.

Other religions of course factor into this, but since these are the main two going head-to-head in the episode, these are the ones I have focused on.

It just seems less of a path to the truth and more of a "who's right" sort of game.

And to an extent, it's pointless.

I can't get behind the extreme actions of hardcore zealous Christians.  I can't get behind the extreme actions of atheists.  Anything, in reality, which deals with something that should be ultimately personal to an individual, and is done to an extreme level, I cannot get behind.

As I stated, was raised Christian, and readily identify myself as such.  But ain't I the coolest motherfucker you know?

The way I have always felt about my faith and done my faith never had too much of an effect on how I live my life.  And based on this, I have met cool people from EVERY faith, and none of us have problems.  And that's the way it should be.

I'm not a fan of mashed potatoes...but no one shoves them down my throat.

I love gummy bears.  Besides asking you, I am not going to force my gelatinous love all over you.

So, to Chris LeBrane, and me only...when it boils down to what religion of belief is the correct one...I must simply say this...


So I believe in God and you don't.  Does that mean we can't dance?  Hell no it doesn't!

I'm not trying to convert anyone.  That journey is up to the person taking it.  And what you choose to believe is up to you.

I'm not for telling people they are going to burn in hell.  That's judging.  We shouldn't be judging, if you believe in the system.  Who am I and what makes me so righteous to condemn someone like that?

I'm not for berating or judging a person for believing in an "imaginary person in the sky" and there was a dude who could perform magic and all that.  Let 'em believe it.  If it works for them...let ‘em.  Screw it!  Do their beliefs REALLY fuck up your day THAT much?

Now, the only thing that would negate this is if someone is using their beliefs, whatever they may be, for harm.  Christians have done harm.  Other religions have done harm as well.  And that's the worst of it all.  I don't consider that faith.  That I will agree is brainwashing. 

Usually brainwashing is associated with religion...and I can understand that.  Religion is nothing but a set of beliefs...which could be hammered in to the point of harm.  But that's on that person (or persons).  And that is NOT God.  That's just FUCKING CRAZY.


This is how I sum it up:

If a Christian believes they are going to heaven...and it happens?  Awesome!  I don't think they are going to find the time or have the mind to "float" on down and gloat to the non-believers.  I don't think that is the point.

If the atheists are correct, and there is nothing...and we all just die and go back underground to re-fertilize the earth...great!  Awesome!  They can't come back and gloat either.

If a person’s whole point and goal is to go "SEE?  I'm right!” they should stop what they are doing, don't talk to anyone else, and THINK about why they need this validation so much.  Pencils down...

Very simply put:  as long as a person isn't harming anyone and isn't an asshole about what they believe, there really is no problem.  Just a difference.  And there's nothing wrong with that.  I can say for a fact that a person's beliefs have never stopped me from loving them. 

And as a Christian...isn't that what the point is supposed to be about?
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9/21/2010 06:15:31 am

Well done my friend. well done indeed..

9/23/2010 08:37:06 am

Agreed, my friend.


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