I really think I wanna give up girls
But I don't wanna try
They don't seem to be a part of my worlds
But I don't wanna try
It's the same thing everyday
But still I never try
All of my friends scream "Dude, you're gay"
But I didn't try
(He didn't try to be gay)
Oh shut up
(He didn't try to be gay)
Shut the fuck up
(Oh man, you are gay)
Oh shit
(I called your mom, she told me you were gay)
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After completing the footage for parts B and C of WEBCAMS 16, I was, once again, searching for creative inspirado. Usually, sometimes, this is the case. But I had faith that I would be able to creatively make something…
As a lover of music, musical history, and all things...well…musical, I go through stages of in-depth sponging when it comes to artists and bands that I like.  If I am into something, it is full on, a hardcore love that lasts until I have absorbed everything that a person has to give, and then, I discard them…for a while.  I always come back to them. Always.  And there is always something new to learn.
At this point, I am currently over-enamored with the band DEVO.  I have been into DEVO as long as I can remember (my mother recently told me and my girlfriend tales of an infant Chris wearing an Easter Basket on my head, trying to emulate their Energy Domes, yelling “WHIP IT!” around the house!).  With the release of their new album, I have been in “Spud” bliss ever since.
With this aesthetic in mind, I crafted a song based upon the variables of the story:  giving up on women, not really trying, and being “gay”.  It worked out better than I thought.
While all of the same tools were used to craft this song (Samplitude, Reason, and so on), but this was my re-emergence on guitar.  I have used guitar in some of the earlier Krumbine tracks (mostly during the Talking Heads phase), but only monophonically.  Not being a guitar player per se (I am a bass player), I played some simple rhythm chords, and it set the mood off well.  Hopefully I will use the guitar in more productions in the future.
One of the things that “makes” the song, for me at least, is the presence of the synthesized white noise crash that starts off the song and is played throughout.  This sound, more prevalent in the late 70s and early 80s, has always been one of my favorites in music for percussion.  Something about it just resonates with my analog/digital hybrid soul.  So, I say to all of you…
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7/9/2010 02:58:35 am

Aother LeBrane hit!! Great stuff Chris... You are the Mozart of Horbawrong!!!

Chris LeBrane
7/12/2010 02:23:29 am

@Matt: Thank you so much! I appreciate it immensely!


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