By:  Chris LeBrane


When times get rough
You need an omen on your side
Like the feathers of a pigeon
That has been shot and has just recently died
Makes a human want to waddle and fly away
Luck of the Duck
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Quack Quack! Mu'Fu'ka!

Upon hearing the title alone, I knew I had to go somewhere different with it, musically.

The lyrics were simple enough, I basically took some of the more highlighted points of the script (i.e. the dead pigeon) and used it as a literary device...or some shit like that...

The main thing to point out is that it usually only takes one line in my head to get things going.  If I make up a line and once tested on my own brain I start to laugh, then I usually go from that point.  In this case, I was in hysterics every time I thought of the phrase "Luck of the Duck".

For the music, I had only a few rules:  keep it odd and keep it scary.

I used, to great effect, the LM-1 drum machine samples.  I used it solely for its infamous Clap sound, which was the "gunshot”, heard in the middle.

I was aiming for a haunting sort of textural background to go along with the deep voice that I was thinking of using.  The chords that play when the drums kick in actually are a play on another song I have written for my solo effort.  I thought about using something else at the time, but I decided that in the context in which they are used is different enough to be distinguishable, yet related.

I am a big fan of conceptual continuity.  A concept favored mostly by Frank Zappa, it is a process or state in which all things tie in somehow, whether it is sound or lyric-wise.  If you listen to a Zappa  Then you listen to a second.  You still might not find the tie-ins.  But listen to three or more, you start hearing the same themes, almost as if these albums were one long song and he's finally getting back to the turnaround.  I LOVE stuff like that!

While WEBCAMS is a hard show to do it on, I still manage to make it either tie in to my solo stuff, stuff I have done for others, and even older Pre-You Tube Chris LeBrane stuff

(For examples of these works, check out the album "Into the Mind of Chris LeBrane" (1998)...Available Nowhere!)

I'm sure as an afterthought, way down the line, the continuity will show.  For now...just good ‘ol fashioned show funk!

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EDITORIAL:  This episode also featured an original song over the title sequence.  "Lucky Duck" was written and produced by YouTuber and regular WEBCAMS contributor GoNoAmmo.  You can listen to and download the track below.
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