As Performed by: The IMC
Words by Matthew Horowitz
Music by Christopher LeBrane

Day after day he’s checkin his views
And he hopes for day that he’s gonna catch on
With Talking Heads you really helped him too
He’s counting on you
To help him break him through

Gimmeabreakman, pimp Krumbine’s show
He wants to be a partner don’t you know
And post all day…..

Hey MissPacman I think your cool
And I really love it when you write the rain
You know that I’m a Darksider too
Now he’s counting on you
To carry him through

Come on Misspacman, pimp Krumbine’s show
He wants to be a partner don’t you know
And post all day……..

This one goes out to all YouTube
Let’s give Krumbine the credit he’s due
So please subscribe and tell all your friends
Were counting on you
To break him through

Come on Youtube, pimp Krumbine’s show
He wants to be a partner don’t you know
And post all day
Click past the break to read my commentary and download the .mp3!

Sometimes, collaborations are just given to you from the heavens.  True inspirado.  And this one is nothing short of that.

The following is taken from the official "Post All Day" email, as sent out to Chris LeBrane's co-workers:

"On June 13, 2010, Krumbination regular Matt Horowitz approached fellow Krumbinite and Musician Chris LeBrane about a collaboration.  Through this process, they formed and created the IMC (International Muthaf*ckin Collaborators).  The collaboration was to be a song, dedicated to the man Krumbine himself, designed as a message to the YouTube world to support our HIGHLY creative Figurehead in his efforts to become a YouTube partner."

That is merely a shorthand version of the story .  But there's more!  And to help me tell the tale, Mr. Matthew Horowitz has contributed his story of how it all came together.  MattyHo...take it away!!

"Ok, well this all started about a year ago after I stumbled upon the “Darksider Primer” video by Heather and Jordan.  I thought it was very well written, funny, shot, edited, and acted like nothing else I had ever seen on YouTube, and let’s face it Heather is the most interesting, relevant, and easy on the eyes YouTuber I have ever watched.  And so it began. 

It became apparent to me right away that Jordan’s talent ran deep, and I became more and more impressed with every video I watched. So, I e-mailed him expressing how much I appreciated his work and that I would love to be a part of the Webcams series.  He e-mailed me back and guided me to Krumbination and it was on. What an eclectic group of talented people, full of energy and ability, I felt like a crack head winning the lottery.

I did the “Vampires, Boners and Bedhead” Webcams episode, then, I got my wife Darcy involved and we did the “All about Lesbians” Webcams episode together.  Then  Krumbine  posted the V-Log about Little Zombies and, having a lifelong fantasy of being a cartoon character voice, I asked if I could be part of the show, and BOOM, not only am I in the show, I have a mug with my character on it, Doctor Darkbot. Life is good.  During the comment phase of “Lesbians” Jordan commented that he had an idea for a one legged Lesbian Porn star. That was all I needed to hear and, like Heather writing the rain, I wrote the twisted thunder.  I thought, “ WOW, imagine a one legged porn star named Peg.” And I wrote a bio for her which Jordan used brilliantly as the Wikipedia page for her in Webcams 15, “There’s something About Peg”. It was a real treat to be in that one with Eric and Rob.

So, thinking the only thing missing was for me to start posting some content on my own channel. I have been posting vids with my brother since 2007 and they are on my channel as my favorites. I had just received Jordan’s’ books in the mail and BADABOOM, there it was. Having seen Heathers “New Books” vid, I took the ball and ran with it. And, there was my first post on my channel “NEW BOOKS”.

I got to thinking about my next post and after watching all the reposted “Talking Heads” episodes on, I was really intrigued by the “The YouTube Rejects”. Besides falling in love with Sam, (sorry Darcy and Jordan but COMEON!!), the episodes “Hostile Environments” and “The Bitter End” really struck me as GREAT TV. If you haven’t seen these shows, check them out, they are BRILLIANTLY written, produced and acted. Then, Jordan posted a V-Log about being burnt out, taking a week or two off to get re inspired and being upset about the machine of YouTube not taking notice of all his well crafted content. My wheels were turning and one day I was in my car and I heard “Drift Away” and BADABING there it was! (Gimmeabreakman/ pimp Krumbine’s show/ he wants to be a partner/ don’t you know…)  So my task was to write Victor, Heathers “Writing the Rain Drops” into the song,  and then, the  motherload of all motherloads, singing with Chris LeBrane and having him do the music, and then  having Jordan edit the music video.  I was breaking out in sweats I was so excited.   I e-mailed Chris and being the gracious professional that he is, he was in, and the rest is history.

I received the completed song from Chris, and, after wiping the tear away from my eye and picking my jaw up off the floor, I then began to think of how to present it to Jordan. It didn’t take me long to figure that out. I downloaded the “Mission Impossible” TV theme song and did a voice over trying to stay as close to the original format as possible.  I sent it to Jordan and he cleverly turned the song into a Webcams episode.

This video would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the talent of Chris. What a pleasure it is to work with such a gifted musician. And of course our leader, Jordan Krumbine!!!"

- Matthew Horowitz, August 18, 2010

Thank you Matt! 

Since Mr. Horowitz was very thorough, I shall wrap it up quickstyle!

After conversing back and forth with Matt about the song, I began to work on it.  One of the first things I did was sit down and listened to "Drift Away" over and over again.  And I gotta say, I was a bit nervous taking this on.  Why you ask?  As stated before, I, sometimes, can have the spirit of doubt and mediocrity within myself.  Being basically a non-trained musician (aside from some band classes and a piano class...that's a WHOLE 'NOTHER STORY!!), I was hoping that I would be able to pull the song off.  So I went for it, programming the drums (DAMMIT I need to get an electronic drum set.  A good one!  Might be expensive, but hell, I could play in the apartment and it would be my true drumming talents!), and also the electric piano and strings.  I then added bass and guitar and the instrumental portion was complete.

Using a system I had been thinking about for quite some time (in accordance with other projects), I sent Matt some links to a free audio editing program and sent him the instrumental track in order for him to sing his parts.  Once done, he mailed me his raw vocals without the music.  I then placed his vocals in with the original tracking session and overdubbed my vocals.  Mix, mix, mixed, and voila!  You have the end result!

After sending the song to Jordan, he immediately wanted to do a video.  It took a little while on my part (me, Mr. Busy Bee), but once the footage was all in, he created another Krumbine Masterpiece!

So, come on people!

Support this man!  He has the talent, the drive, the skills...and he definitely pays the bills!

I have never been one to throw salt on anybody in a serious manner.  You do what you do, and that's what you do (haha).  But when it comes to the creative realms of YouTube, a lot of it can be less-than-stellar.  I feel what we and others who are truly being creative on a cinematic level, are truly using this medium for its intended purposes.  I can't be sure, but I am pretty pegged that YouTube wasn't initially a vehicle for unreasonably angry 12 year old girls and nutshots (although...gotta admit...those are a sad way).

So enjoy this song, celebrating one of the TRUE ORIGINALS in the viral video game. 




IMC Impossible:

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This back story to IMC and how the song came about is way cool guys!


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