Are the sheeple
The voice of the people?

Sheeple Vs People
For rights of the mental steeple

Rethink it all

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When approached with the task of writing a song for a controversial topic like this, I initially wasn't sure on how to attack this.  So I read the script over and over for a while, letting it all sink in.  And before I knew it...INSPIRADO!

I considered its creation a quasi-protest sentiment.  Myself, I have never really been too much of the "political" type when it came to the issues.  My outlook was never shifter to the right or left, but more in the middle.  It usually left me without things to say, therefore, I took the best option:  saying nothing at all.  Besides, most of my explanations would be misinterpreted.

Be that as it may, I knew I wanted to try and do something on the special end with the lyrics and the production of it all.

Taking my cue from message songs of the 70s, I created the music.  Although the majority of the music was created on synth software, I made it my business to (gasp) not use any sounds that sounded "synth" like, to preserve era integrity.

Along with the computer-driven creation of drums, electric piano, horns, and sitar (my favorite instrument in this piece) I utilized real bass and guitar to make it have a more "authentic" approach.

When it came to the lyrics, I wanted to wrap up the entire episode into the 20 or so seconds, without totally taking any real sides.  My intention was hopefully to have the listener possibly make up their own minds when hearing the words (if anyone can understand them).

I figured by asking a question, stating a thesis (with the mental steeple representing the holy top of intelligence), and giving only one solution to it all, which is simply to re-think the entire situation on all fronts.

And I couldn't help but push ever-so-slightly for the alternative solution...also on all fronts(!)

In conclusion, I think the episode was a very insightful and intelligent one.  There was a lot of great information that most probably didn't know.  And I hoped for the song to add to this as well.
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8/9/2010 02:36:16 am

VERY periodish and very UNsynth, so kudos for that. And the part about being middle of the road is something I think a lot of people are feeling when they watch this episode: this has the potential to make an activist out of the most politically unaware!

8/9/2010 07:40:55 am

I like this commentary Chris. You really thought about the lyrics here. I guess in the end its the best approach to be bi-partisan, in the middle with the lyrics. Let the viewer make up their own mind, as you say.
Dig the "mental steeple" statement.

8/10/2010 02:53:05 am

Another well thought out tune from the Master. It is amazing how you can come up with these. The lyric content, as always, captures the essence of the piece beautifully. And the music is BRILLIANT. It's like Earth, Wind and Fire meest Funkadelic. For those of us who were alive in the 70's it is a real treat to hear that stlye resurrected so perfectly. Chris, you are an old soul mofo!!!

Chris LeBrane
8/10/2010 05:41:36 am

Thank all of you guys! I appreciate the compliments! I do it all for US! Get ready for the solo efforts...REAL SOON!

8/10/2010 07:20:07 am

Looking forward to that Chris..


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