From WEBCAMS (05) -- Sweater Sex

Written by: Chris LeBrane

With the image, two needles and the yarn supplies
Plus the feeling that I get from your thighs
We're talkin' bout


When it's time to give it to her like a nasty machine
And you got the time to knit in between
We're talkin' bout

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Like I mentioned before, I was overtly inspired to participate in the ":20 Second Song Challenge", after hearing the songs from "Billo Wants A Friend"(Episiode 4).  So, at best, I wanted to create something on that level that represented my sound, as well as being a bit funny. 

The concept of the episode came from a conversation between I think me, Billo, and Spazzy McSpazatron.  I can't quite remember if others were there (let me know if you were!)  we were all chatting in the Krumbination chat room with Spazzy announced that she was signing off in order to knit and then later, have sex with her boyfriend.  I can't really recall who said it, but someone said that maybe she should do both at the same time.  I believe this is how the episode came to be.

I had recently bought some new musical gear, mainly a Digital Audio workstation and a microphone, and had not used it at all.  The song "Sweater Sex" became the guinea pig for me figuring out this software.

The song came together quicker than I expected.  I was in shock when I heard it for the first time.  I listened to it about 50 times in a row, not so much that I was proud of the song (I was!) inasmuch as I was proud of the grasp of the software.

Upon completing the vocals, I decided to add one more element: the moans of a female.  Like most guys I know, I am a connoisseur of porn.  So, I searched through my reservoir for a video that had no music, took a few exaggerated samples and threw it in the track.  Which porno?  I have no idea.  And neither do they (ha ha!).

This song, to me, will always be important, not only because it was the first one of its kind, (and I still thank you all for the warm words from that one!), but also because it helped me learn the technology that I would implore on the other WEBCAMS songs.
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