(Vampires of WalMart)
Its 2 AM, I'm in the market to buy

(Vampires of WalMart)
With my irregular behavior and my bloodshot eyes

Why the hell am I awake
I just wanted to buy a DVD and some steak!

Vampires of WalMart!

(Can you show me where
Click past the break to read my commentary, watch the music video, and download the .mp3!

You know them.  You have seen them in your own neighborhood multi-purposed chain superstores...
Some of them are in your own family.
Some of them are YOU!
When I read the script for “Vampires, Boners, and Bedhead (the practicality of vampirism)” (WEBCAMS Episode 11), I immediately has a basic skeleton in my head for "Vampires of Wal-Mart)
The song is basically talking about not-so-much the concept of ACTUAL vampires in a Wal-Mart, but more or less, the sporadic droves of late-night Wal-Mart shoppers that frequent the place between the hours of 1 and 5 AM every morning.
These people, usually really tired, insomnia-tic, and sometimes stoned out of their mind (if you went to Full Sail University (Orlando, FL), you know what I mean), tend to roam the jungle of low-priced commercial goods, with either vigorous speed, or a half-confused waltz, as if they cannot find the exact item they are looking for (yet have visited the same Mart for years). 
Using a melody line I have been singing for years (I think me and my cousin first started saying something silly, like "Big Booty Belinda" or something like that.  Gotta love a gangsta' booty, for sho!), I decided to switch up my normal 4/4 stance into a more swing feel.
This song also utilized the sound of a guitar...but it is a keyboard.  Initially I was going to play the changes on my own, but decided upon the sound in Reason rather than my minimal electronics for guitar.
Krumbine contacted me when he began shooting for the video of "Vampires" and asked me if I could whip up a longer intro to the song.  I told him "No problem."  Once again, my love for all things retro helped me out in this regard. 
In 1982, after the success of the Human League album "Dare!” the producer of the project (Martin Rushent) created one of the very first remix albums ever in existence.  Taking bits and pieces of the entire album and cutting up the tape in interesting ways, Rushent created extended mixes of the popular album and called it "Love and Dancing".  It is still widely regarded as a remix classic.  From this inspiration, I created the extended intro.
I basically extended the drums, bass and bass synth parts.  I then added a synth part and reversed the entire guitar track and used that as well.
So there you have it!  A musical journey through the eyes of a spaced out consumer…just wanting some food and some watching materials. 
It's a scary place to shop (If you're human).
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8/2/2010 12:03:46 pm

I told you before: I think there's something ridiculously unique and special about your :20 songs, so to listen this first "extended" edition tune really blew me away. The original tune is genius (when I started working on the music video--about two weeks ago now--the tune was permanently stuck in my head and now it's stuck in everyone else's head around me) and the extended version--along with being the PERFECT extension of the video--rounds out the experience into something truly enigmatic.

Cheers to your musical genius, Chris.

Christopher LeBrane
8/2/2010 11:55:36 pm

Thank you Jordan! It means a lot. I hope to have the same effect with my longer songs as well as the shorter ones too!


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