By: Chris LeBrane
When it comes to lovin'
And all its positions
You must be tenacious
With your helping decisions
But what's the indifference?
But what's the indifference?
What’s the indifference?
What's the indifference?
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Give it up for the comeback kid!
I recall reading this scripts during a period when I was busy with other projects that we were doing at the time, as well as getting back into rehearsals with the band I play with.  So needless to say, I didn't dwell on it too much.  After finding out that I wouldn't be in the cast, I began to focus solely on the song I would make for the episode.  As I told my man Jordan, somehow, I gotta get my piece in!
Then...I took sick.
Two and a half days down with a shitty cold.  I am not one to get sick a lot, but when I do, it's pretty gnarly. And gnarly this was.
I couldn't think about anything creative.  I tried...just wasn't happening.  My creative juices were dried up in favor of phlegm, coughs, and copious amounts of coma-like sleep.  Awesome, yet horrible.
I watched, what seemed like, the world pass me by in only a few days.  It might sound like a bit much, but you creative types know how it is:  any overt extended time away from it, it's tough to jump back in.  And I didn't want that to happen.
So, on Friday, I went to work for the first time in two days to show some sort of responsibility.  Upon getting there, I knew I just wasn't 100%...not even 50%.  So I took a half day off and went home to recoup.  When I got there, I knew I was going to be late with EVERYTHING (and that's still kind of true).  But I couldn't be fully behind.  Can't have that.  So I got to work.
Combining two of my favorite musical styles (The DFA "Dance-punk" sound of LCD Soundsystem and the Minneapolis new wave funk of Prince and so on) and put it together the only way this Louisianan could do it:  in my drawz, by my damn self, :)
The result was actually better than I thought.  Upon listening to the finished track, I was literally surprised.  Or maybe it was just the cough syrup...
Musically, there is a lot going on.  The funky bass, the synth bass warbling through, the synth chords that you can barely hear (trust me, they are there), the Prince-like chicken-scratch guitar (first time I ever did this on a recording!), and along with the drums (You gotta admit...that "CLAP" sound makes you wanna dance by default!), I created a sparse yet full performance of all things dancey!
The coolest thing I used on this track was my beloved Simmons electronic drums (the hexagon pad seen in the "Act Naturally).  Here's a briefer on electronic drums:
Basically, it's simple.  Inside the pad, there is a trigger...or a pickup source.  When the pad is hit, it sends a signal to usually a drum module, in which the sounds are held.  And that's about it for that.
Since I don't have a drum module yet, I got creative.  I plugged the pad into my guitar processor, which has some unusual sounds.  I found one that was close to the old "disco" sound (pyoooooooo!) and used it.  It's the sound that finishes the sound (prior to the claps).
The lyrics are merely a play on the scripts concept. I did my research by reading the script a couple of times as well as listening to Anna M's song "Tenaciously Indifferent".  I sang all of the vocal parts, changing the sound of my voice for each "person".  I honestly did try to make it with LCD Soundsystem in mind, not so much in voice styling, but just that energy.
All in all, I think it came out well.
A great song came out of a not-so-great sickness.
My cough is dying down.
I am back.

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EDITORIAL:  This episode also featured an original song over the title sequence.  "Tenaciously Indifferent" was written and produced by YouTuber and regular WEBCAMS contributor GoNoAmmo.  You can listen to and download the track below.
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10/26/2010 07:15:10 am

That shit was DOPE!!! I loved the DFA and Prince over, and under tones!.... You are a master of all you survey.. Great work my friend...

10/26/2010 07:16:46 am

Oh ya, and I am glad you are feeling better....


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