Confession time: if I describe myself as an unapologetic atheist today (I do), then I can say that I grew up in a very Christian/relig-ish household. We prayed over meals. We occasionally attended the non-denominational church flavor-of-the-week. A "personal relationship with God" was my dad's self-realized most important contribution to his children's lives.

In other words, my parents' religious endeavors were certainly alternative. And yes, there were plenty of home churches, too.

So when this whole dialogue about the "nones" (self-proclaimed, religiously unaffiliated, spiritual but not religious) started a few months ago, my reaction was "this is new? shit, this is how I grew up!"

Rachelle Mee-Chapman was tapped by SogoMEDIA TV to delve into the subject of living a religious life when the various tried-and-true institutions of church have summarily failed you. The subject matter is granular, but I was attracted to it -- as I have been with Tripp's material -- because it is overtly well-meaning and, in my mind, a healthy, progressive way to balance the playing field against those who take their religion to extremes.

Because here's the secret about Religish: it doesn't work if you don't have an open mind. And open minds are the only solution to narrow-minded religious extremism.

A bit of a technical note: while the video below is Rachelle's first episode of Religish, it's not the same video that was posted on SogoMEDIA. By way of self-introduction, I ripped the original video and recut it, offering my production services to Rachelle and Religish.

Watch the video and let us know what you think. Is a religish practice new to you, or is it something you've lived with for a long time?

-- Jordan Krumbine

This video was originally produced for SogoMEDIA TV.

See more of Rachelle's videos on her YouTube channel and be sure to visit her website at

1/13/2013 12:51:20 pm

yes yes i liked it a bunch, ive seen her a few times and im liking mre and more what she says

1/13/2013 10:58:40 pm

Thanks for the feedback, Allen! Have you followed her over to her website? Or has it solely been a Youtube experience for you?


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