This is the pilot episode of Busted Stuff posted to the SogoMEDIA TV YouTube channel. The premise behind Tripp's latest series is to look at all the institutions we, as humans, have this incessant need to build and how these institutions are inherently broken. Busted. Failures. It also examines the truth in these failures: that there is unmitigated hope within these broken institutions of church and state to build something genuine.

There are times when Tripp comes at issues from a decidedly pastoral/liturgical perspective. The result, however, is always open-minded and insightful, ready to challenge minds that are open to being challenged.

In "Abundant Life", Tripp muses about the anxiety of living a life full of abundance. Enjoy the video, share the video, and leave a comment below letting us know what you think.

This video was originally produced for SogoMEDIA TV.

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