This was originally posted April, 2009. Since then, many of the referenced links have died. As an additional note to brother and family: this isn't being reposted to antagonize, but instead to share my personal reasons for atheism.

And now for another installment of "I Read It So You Don't Have To!"

For some reason, my gut is telling me that this one's for Heather (but you can enjoy it, too, Obs!  Also, I'm counting on Tripp to weigh-in with his perspective).

Jason (my brother) wrote a blog titled "Easter Bunny?" that was essentially taking on the inclusion of bunnies and chocolate in "Christian" celebration.  I'll share with you the passage that made me decide to write this response:

"What gets me is how the Easter Bunny and company got hooked with the Resurrection of Christ. We were trying to make Christianity more appealing to the pagans. Rather than raising them up to our level, we sunk to theirs."

Essentially, Jason posits that Christianity=Good, Everything Else=Bad, and Easter Bunny=Satan Incarnate.  So we're absolutely clear, the point of this response is claim that Religion=Intolerance, Religion=Narrow-minded fucktards, Religion=Blatant disregard for fellow human beings.

I don't much care for religion, can you tell?

The first gross inaccuracy that bothered me was Jason's labeling of everyone not Christian as pagan and everything that is not Christianity as Paganism.  Also, since Christianity is the worship of the one "true" god, that paganism, by a Christian default, is the worship of Satan.

I really hope that Jason gets the opportunity to make that argument to a true, practicing Pagan, because he'll likely get punched in the nose.  Not that I truly want him to get punched in the nose, but I imagine it would be an eye-opening experience.  For him.

The actual definition of pagan is "rural, rustic, or of the country".  Ironically, it was Christianity that "appropriated" the term to define heathenistic Satan-worshipers.  (Which, again, if you don't worship God, according to the monotheistic religion that is Christianity, obviously you worship Satan and therefore are a pagan.  Or something like that.)  I say ironic because the man feels the need to find out what bunnies have to do with Easter, but will conveniently and completely ignore EVERYTHING ELSE about Christianity that makes no sense whatsoever.  Like how Christians insist upon calling Pagans Satan-Worshipers.

So let's move on to the second part of his quote, where he talks about "sinking" to the pagans' level to make, um, their celebration more appealing ... to them?  Yes, Jason also establishes that Easter is originally a "pagan" holiday that has nothing to do with Christianity whatsoever.

At this point, I'll observe that Jason's research is second-to-none and would really make, oh, I don't know, Rush Limbaugh proud.  To find an explanation of the origins of Easter, he went to a website called "Got Questions", a religious publication that offered this charming nugget in explanation of Easter: "Originally, there were some very pagan (and sometimes utterly evil) practices that went along with the celebration."

Nothing like preaching to the choir, huh?

Okay, so I can't fault Jason for preaching to the choir himself (assuming that the only people he's targeting on his website are narrow-minded religious freaks--seriously, Tripp, am I way out in left field on any of this yet?  or have I COMPLETELY offended the hell out of you?) but when exactly did Christianity become such an absolute religion?

This is my problem with religion (any of them, but we'll use Christianity as the example): belief in it mandates that it (Christianity) is right and that everything else is wrong.  Well, apply that to every single denomination of every single religion in the entire world.  If everyone's religion is the right religion, that makes everyone's religion the wrong religion, and the only truth about life, the universe, and everything can only be found in the microscopic muck of the dot on an ant's antennae.

This is the part that made me feel like this was for Heather.  You don't get anywhere in life saying this is right and that is wrong, but learning to appreciate different point of views and why, in fact, people believe different things.

The only reason that Christianity is what it is today is because just after the dawn of the 1000's, people started running around and killing other people if they wouldn't convert to Christianity.  There were nine crusades in nearly three hundred years, and they all served the same purpose, to be "religion-driven military campaigns waged by much of Christian Europe against external and internal opponents."

That's what pisses me off about Christianity.  The people who so blindly and haphazardly follow it and readily denounce "everything else", they exhibit virtually no mental capability of posing the question: "why?" and are subsequently quick to completely ignore that their religion itself is no model of perfection either ... and, in fact, when you learn to appreciate the roots, it is just as disappointing as all of the rest.

I don't align myself to any religion other than that of "Why".  Why do we say the things we say and why do we do the things we do?  I will criticize a person for their religion, but they will forever have a pass for their faith.  And for the believers who read this, religion is nothing more than a man-made construct that has summarily bastardized whatever true purpose your god has tasked you with.

And what does this all have to do with Easter and chocolate rabbits?  Absolutely nothing.  It's all a bunch hootananny and hogwash and if you believe in Why, it's a source of hilarity for you and if you believe in your faith, it hardly matters to you and if you believe in religion, well, you're fucked.

Go on, lemme have it.

Oh, and BTW—aside from own personal life experience in asking "why", these are the webpages I referred to in writing this:

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