As vaguely-Christmassy as the TARDIS tree-topper strip was, I thought it was going to be the ONLY Christmas-themed installment of Seminal Works this year. Unfortunately, life happens and I suspect that a good writer is a good note-taker.

Like the TARDIS strip (and most of my strips, to some ambiguous extent) this is based on actual events. Sam and I were heading to a city parade last week and she insisted on listening to Christmas music on the radio. I didn't put up as big a fight as in the strip (it's called creative license, people) but the line "dafuq is a parumpumpum?!" is verbatim. 

Christmas music is certainly repetitive, and not just in lyrics. At last count, there were six hundred and ninety-three recorded and distributed versions of "Jingle Bells". (That might not be entirely accurate. It might six hundred and ninety-four.) 

There's not much else to say other than this was a fun strip to draw. I'm getting more comfortable with the flat, front-facing style of the comic (I was a little self-conscious about it) and I've taken to sketching on an actual paneled template, which seems a bit faster. (Previously, I was drawing each panel separately, and then assembling it on the computer.)