Back when this storyline began, I wrote about how this was an experiment in mining several strips out of what was originally a single script. Volume-wise, it was a reasonable success -- pulling four polished comic strips out of a what was originally a six-panel script. Quality was good, too. Since it was a consistent scenario (Jordan and Chris and the VHS tape) the art was, for lack of a better phrase, excessively recycled, with tweaks made for each panel.

The lesson learned on this experiment, however, has nothing to do with mining material (well, maybe a little): recycling artwork and repeating a scenario for four strips gets a tad boring ... creatively speaking.

I've been jotting down new strips and continue to plan a very interesting upcoming storyline, but churning out these iterative VHS strips have gotten boring. Don't get me wrong: I love the finished product; the arc; the surprising (even for me) ending (to which Sam gave me a legitimate "awwwww!") but the actual process just stopped being interesting to me.