Part 1 (#113: "Marital Perks"); Part 2 (#114: "Of Short Films & Micro Penises"); read more krumbinesBRAIN here!

Well, kids, this concludes our latest incursion into the Brain. If you missed any part of this three-part story, check the links above. Coming up next: a few strips in the traditional Seminal storyline and then (sweet, SWEET THEN!!!) ... Harveysaurus Rex debuts. I am SUPER excited about that and recently finished sketching the last of Harvey's storyline, which concludes with a rather epic action sequence that sets up the next storyline. (Hint: it's Monsters in America. Full-bore.)

Another fun twist: these comics (and krumbinesBRAIN in general, moving forward) will be the last strips that have generic webcomic-y backgrounds. It started with a few fancy new exteriors for Harveysaurus Rex, but then I went back and built an interior background for Jordan and Sam. All in all, expect to see far more visually-rich panels. You know, underneath all that dense dialogue I usually write.

Tune in next week!