When I first started working on this series of strips with Binary and Lila, I hadn't fully-formed the idea of including a title-card in-strip. Um, maybe I should back up. Remember the Monsters in America storyline that helped carry the strip to that magic 100? Well, aside from padding the archives, my idea has always been to start developing independent (albeit loosely-connected) stories that would exist under the umbrella of "Seminal Works". Monsters in America is one of those stories.

And now with Krumbine's School for Creative Misfits, a few other stories are about to be revealed. Conceptually, all of these ideas could stand independently, but this umbrella concept let's me play with all the possibilities and when I get tired of working with one set of characters, I get to flip the switch and work with a completely different set.

So how do I create that continuity? Title cards. Like I said, I've had the umbrella idea for a while but the in-strip title card was something I just figured out. And since I'm more than halfway through with Existentialism & Donuts debut, I probably won't integrate the title card into the strip until I switch the Harvey's dino-geek storyline.

Pointless creative continuity aside, this strip and concept is based entirely on a Facebook comments thread I wrote last summer. I wisely screenshotted the thread to save it for later. I'm not sure why I always turn to existentialism in times of depression or if they're just intertwined in my psyche ... but when paired with Binary & Lila, it makes a great platform to write about depression, antidepressants and other medications, coping mechanisms, and creativity.

So, you know. Enjoy.