Thanks for all the great comments to help recaption this panel (on Facebook -- here and here). I tried to use a little bit from everybody!

I drew the word bubbles on my iPad mini, which was new ... and it's pretty much the last time I'm using the mini for any kind of artwork. The full-size iPad is okay to draw on (at least in terms of the cartoony illustration I do) but the mini is just too cramped and with its smaller bezels and software modifications (Apple has touch-rejection algorithms to compensate for the zero-bezel on the sides) drawing becomes a huge hassle.

That being said .... I have a new tablet arriving today or tomorrow and I am SUPER excited to try it out. It's the Samsung Ativ 500t -- yes, I'm giving Windows a fair shake, but pretty much exclusively for art. It's an 11.6" device which makes it one of the biggest tablets you can currently get right now. It also might as well have Samsung's "Note" branding on it, because it has the Wacom digitizer and S-Pen. I'll share more about as I use it!

Long story short: I've been busy and I haven't had my 'normal' art tools at my disposal. Hopefully this new tablet rectifies this situation and new comics (which ARE written) will be forthcoming!