This is another installment from the "True Story, Bro!" files (although, admittedly, most strips are based on some kind of actual events). For the sharp-eyed viewer, you'll see that I'm holding the new Nexus 7 (2013) tablet ... which I picked up from Office Depot at a ridiculous price a few weeks ago. I debated the purchase a bit -- it was a good deal that was expiring soon BUT I had the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (which I draw the comic on) and the old Samsung Ativ from this summer. In addition to the Nexus 4. So how many gadgets could I possibly justify using all at once?

Well, I found a buyer for the Ativ, so that felt like it turned the Nexus 7 into a complete wash, financially. So I bought it. So bring on the judgey-wudgies.

Look, everybody has their 'thing' -- an obsession or addiction or pre-occupation -- that at the end of the day makes them happy. Mine happens to be technology. And at the rate the industry is moving forward, that makes for an expensive addiction.

And I'm okay with that. Here's to feeding our addictions.