It's been an exhaustingly busy several weeks.

As previously mentioned, I acquired a new-to-me tablet specifically for illustrative purposes but since it was running Windows, I found myself getting sucked into an abyss of research and troubleshooting .... all because a USB port that I had no practical need for wasn't functioning correctly. The device is under warranty, so I might send it in for repairs after I upgrade again.

(No, there's not a specific tablet in mind, but surely there are new devices on the horizon!)

So this strip was almost completely produced on the Samsung Ativ 500t. I've definitely gotten used to/comfortable with the S-pen against the frictionless glass screen (so much so that I briefly used my Bamboo tablet earlier this evening and was caught off guard with how weird the nib felt).

It's not a perfect strip. One of the particularly frustrating bits was that although I used Sketchbook Pro on the Windows tablet, it's not nearly the same as the "mobile" tablet versions of the software. My old workflow didn't come close to applying, so I spent as much figuring out the new process as I did actually drawing the strip.

Hopefully, more strips will be coming soon. I have them written, at least, but again --it's been busy!