Behold the tiny homes. First mentioned in last week's strip, these homes are part of another company Jordan started during his 4-hour nap. Tiny homes (literally: homes with livable square footage somewhere less than 500 sq ft -- the wheeled homes in the comic would be 200 or less) have always been a minor obsession of mine and the minimalist philosophy has gravitated to other parts of my life. Why haul around more vehicle than I need for myself and what little gear I might be taking to a job? So I drive a smart car. I also have a penis, so shopping frivolously is a massive conundrum to me -- unless we're talking about gadgetry, which I can usually find an exception for. 

The idea of living in only the space you need to LIVE, and subsequently not paying for all the space you don't need, is appealing ... however, not always practical when you're married with 5 cats.

There are two sites that have been perpetually tabbed in my browser: Tiny House Talk, which posts great photo spreads and interesting designs almost every day; and Tiny House Nation, a 42-minute TV show on the FYI network (with episodes online that I watch -- cable cutting has been part of this trend!) about people building, downsizing, and moving into their tiny homes. It can get a little repetitive sometimes, but the builder/designer is always coming up really innovative stuff to make the most of the small space, and that's always interesting to see.

But really, what's more interesting than the tiny house movement, is the people who live there. And more on point: the people they BECOME after a change like that. Which I think makes a great foundation for some really interesting characters for Jordan and company to start interaction with.