Ah, yes. Do you smell that? The aromatic, pungent stench of plot. Don't you just love it when it rears its head and you realize you're lost in something so much bigger than a one-and-done strip? I'm only being a little sarcastic here.

I'm not really sure where this story is going, other than the few-strips-ahead that I'm scripted. But I do know I like the premise of a tiny home community being the basis for a school of creative rejects. Oh, and if you're following my Instagram or Facebook pages, you'll have gotten a sneak peek at some of those new tiny house residents! Fun fact: some of the new characters are named after my cats, which sounds way sillier now that I've typed it out. But I'm sticking to it. One is Binary Solo, a lesbian webcomic artist who writes about depression -- based on a stray we took in and recently just found a home for. Another is Harvey, who in addition to being a dino-enthusiast performance artist, also happens to formerly be a girl ... based on the fact that our cat Harvey Two-Cheeks is actually a girl. Yes, there's some LGBTQ themes happening here. Why? Because I said so. And yes, Harvey Two-Cheeks is named that because each butt cheek is a different color

Aside from wanting to develop some LGBTQ characters for awhile now, I've also been moderately obsessed with tiny homes and minimalism in general. (I mean, I do drive a smart car, after all.) Exploring these themes in the comic strip seems like a good way to indulge the obsession without getting divorced.

In other news, this is the 103rd strip which means there's over 100 other strips in the archives -- links to which can be found in the sidebar. It also means that it's about time I made a video promoting the fact that I've made over 100 of these awesome little comics. So I did.