Happy birthday, Luis!

Long-time followers of my work will recognize Luis from somewhere else. And yes, he really does love guns. Almost as much as he loves gun-cakes.

For some reason, since there's a graphical representation of an assault rifle in this comic, I feel the need to point out that I don't condone guns. Period. It's because of guns that we get people who think -- nay, believe -- they need to carry one their person at all time for protection. (Eliminate the gun and they won't have anything to carry. Sure, they could carry a knife or a spoon, but it's not as easy to go on a rampage with a knife or a spoon. Knives and spoons require a greater amount of thoughtful intent before someone uses them in horrific manners. Especially spoons.)

(Also, please keep in mind that this argument is coming from someone who would also like to see religion summarily eliminated from all human knowledge.)

Yes, I don't like guns. But what's even scarier is that guy who believes he NEEDS a gun. That's frightening to me. At a four-way stop yesterday, the guy in a Jeep Grand Cherokee who's "turn" was up was busy on a cell phone and not paying any attention. So I went. THEN he decided to pay attention. Well, if this guy was so paranoid that he believed he needed to carry a firearm at all times for "protection", how far a stretch is it for him to believe that some hippy-asshole in a half a car just cut him off in a violent attempt to "save the planet" and the only feasible retaliation is shooting out the tires of my Smart car.

I don't like guns because it enables the crazy people. It's like saying I don't like alcohol because it enables the alcoholics. I do like alcohol, however, even though an alcoholic is probably just as likely to shoot out the tires of my Smart car.

And that's where this rant takes a turn. As a moral imperative, I don't like guns. But I do understand passion -- unfiltered, nerdish, obsessive passion. My passion points at creative and technological stuff. Luis' points at firearms, among other things. And I know he doesn't take it to extremes, so I can't fault him for having a passion.

So let's celebrate it. With cake.