Well, this is essentially the finale of the Existentialism & Donuts storyline. Binary's creative arc will wrap up next week, but that strip launches us back into the world of Jordan & Co. (it also introduces the brand-spanking new format complete with an Instagram-friendly format and title cards!). 

Binary and Lila have been a delight to write for. Although Seminal Works has done depression before, these characters have allowed me to write very personal material and opinions that otherwise would have never found a venue. This idea -- Existentialism & Donuts -- writing about depression and creativity and medication -- I've always felt it was important to get it out there to help de-stigmatize depression. And yes, I realize that my handful of strips (that have only a tiny audience) aren't going to conclusively end the stigmatization of depression, but at least I threw my hat in the ring and contributed.

If you need to catch up on Binary and Lila's story, you can do so in Page 12 of the archives.

Until next week,