The Brain is referring to #15secondsToGlory, a video project I worked on late last year that capitalized on Instagram's 15-second video format. Things tapered off, mostly in the middle of my micro-series about hunting for sasquatch. One day I'll finish it. Maybe. But yeah, when I think (and work) in a short format, it's usually 30 seconds or less, which makes film festivals -- no matter how appealing -- slightly less than practical.

But it doesn't stop me from thinking about it.

Not that I have any immediate plans to stop posting Seminal Works here, but I've recently finished posting the strip archives to a platform called Tapastic, which is a growing webcomic publishing network/community/etc-bananas. If checking this website or Facebook or Instagram is a hassle (or if you already use Tapastic), be sure to sub Seminal Works over yonder:

Seminal Works on Tapastic