So after Jordan starts seeing and interacting with Zaphod, V’Dara, and Lincoln, he decides it might be a good idea to come clean to his wife. You know, for moral support. Only problem is, it’s not always that easy telling your loved ones that you you’re insane.

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The current three strips (this one, the previous, and the next one) show an interesting, behind-the-scenes transition as I switch from the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition that I’ve been using for the past year to the Surface Pro 3. Any time I switch my main drawing device, I get comfortable with the new toys by doing some grunt work — cleaning/rebuilding/updating character templates — and working out my new workflow. (Before, I produced the comic on my Mac starting with Pixelmator, sketched and inked details on the tablet, and then finished the comic back in Pixelmator … now I do everything in Photoshop on the Surface.)

Thursday’s strip completes the transition and I think it ‘looks’ good. Everything isn’t rosy, though. I can officially say that between the Surface’s pen randomly disconnecting and some weird digitizer performance, the Surface is not without its frustrations. I do LOVE everything else about the tablet — the kickstand is brilliant, the size is perfect, battery life is great, and if it was running Mac OS I might be in heaven.