So this is the second week in a row that I'm having a hard time writing anything as a companion piece to the comic. There's not much else to say on the topic of depression, existentialism, and medication -- the whole point of the comic strips is to say it there. (To that end, catch up with this storyline on page 12 of the archives.)

I'm currently working four strips ahead, and, having been inspired by some recent events, hammered out a few additional strips to add to my buffer. The good news is that my comic creation process is becoming ever more refined. The bad news is that the next major storyline for Krumbine's School for Creative Misfits ("Harveysaurus Rex vs. the World") is going to be pushed back a few weeks. But come on, "Harveysaurus Rex vs. the World". Mmmm. Dino-tasty. It's definitely worth the wait.