And here we are. The penultimate installment of Seminal Works. The 100th strip is right around the corner and there's been pages and pages of backstory building up to it. (Seriously, if you're new to the comic, hit the Archives and read Pages 7-10 (direct links are in the sidebar) or just start from the beginning. It's only 99 strips. It'll be good for you.)

In reality, this strip was never supposed to happen. I scripted this current storyline out months ago and the climax ended up happening here at number 99. It was probably right before or after the last strip that the "groovy bananas" idea for this strip came to me, which allowed me to push the Lord-of-the-Rings-epic climax to the 100th strip. Which is just more fitting, you know?

Oh, the tease! Also coming up in number 100: about 99% of the art is done by this guy. That's right! It's Seminal Works' FIRST guest strip! (In art only, however). A lot more info about the artist will be included when the strip is posted ... so stay tuned!