Back at Krumbine's School for Creative Misfits .... an unwritten lynchpin to the school's operation is that everyone contributes creative to the school's public website. Conceptually, this gives the students a larger platform to publish on and their content helps support the school (remember those tiny homes??).

So ....

Happy March, 2015! This strip serves both as the conclusion of the first Existentialism & Donuts storyline AND a pivot point to jump into Harveysaurus Rex vs. the World! Only there's six other in-betweener strips that came up, so Harvey's debut is still six weeks off. Sorry about that. As a tiny bit of consolation, I'm including Harvey's final title card art at the end of this post. So, you know, huzzah!

Speaking of huzzahs, check out that spiffy new format! The whole strip is perfectly square now, which makes it instantly more Instagram-friendly. No more weird screenshots or cropped images! I also brought Comic Life out to play and have been doing all of the lettering and word bubbles with that, saving myself a HUGE amount of time. (Previously I would letter in Photoshop and hand draw all the word balloons. I liked the look of it, but it was getting exhausting.)

And of course, that new title card. Basically, I'm committing the strip to a 3-panel format and using the extra space for the rotating title card and additional information. In terms of style, I think the strip has matured quite a bit from its inception and I'm pretty happy putting my name on this body of work.

See you next time,