Was anybody else upset that the Eleventh Doctor's "Geronimo" didn't feature prominently in his final moments? Of course, now that I think about it, that would have made this strip a little more difficult, what with 'geronimo' being a definitive statement, right before someone leaps into the abyss.

But I digress.

I finished this sequence of strips (there's a few more after this one -- it's called "The Long Goodbye" so yeah, several strips across several weeks was kind of a given) and shared them with Sam ... and then promptly YouTubed all of the sequences Jen references in the comic so that Sam would understand what was happening.

Which is why I'm here now. Explaining. Giving context. Wallowing in a pit of loathing and self-hatred for having to give an explanation in the first place.


In Doctor Who, the lead character of the Doctor never dies, he just regenerates. This is why the show has lasted 50 years. Each time the Doctor regenerates, it's a momentous occasion when everyone (fictional and real) gets to say goodbye to this latest incarnation.

So as Jen says her long goodbye, her first stop is referencing the Eleventh Doctor's regeneration in the last episode, "The Time of the Doctor". Unfortunately for the uninitiated (or fortunate, depending on your geek-cred) panel two and three reference two completely different scenes from the final episode, which are difficult to find independently on YouTube. Instead, watch this 13-minute video which is essentially the last 13 minutes of the episode, giving you ALL THE CONTEXT you need for this strip.

Sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

And ... you're welcome.