The bonus content on this strip is lamesauce, primarily because it's uninspired variations of the original material. Sorry.

I also have no idea how Middlebrook's hair got so light in the final strip. Maybe his mighty Canadian locks weren't up to the challenge and were instantly bleached by the hot Florida sun. Yeah, that's it.

This strip represents another shift in my workflow. Usually (but not always) I'll sketch out a panel on the iPad and then ink and build out the comic on the computer with the Wacom. I wanted to see if I could ink on the iPad, too, so I used the pen tool highlighted below in Sketchbook Pro to ink over the original sketches.

Everything else was done on the computer (it's the same panel, just edited and shuffled around for panels 2 and 3) and I also drew the Magic Kingdom at the last minute on the computer. So ... not a HUGE shift in process, but it's nice to be able get all the practical drawing done on the iPad.

Meanwhile .... I've been cultivating an obsession over upgrading the iPad. It's inevitable, in some form or another, since I gave the mini to Sam for it's cellular abilities. Our 3rd gen iPad is of the Wifi-only variety and is woefully under-capacity at 16gb (I'm routinely bouncing between 200 and 40 mb of free space. MEGABYTES.) Other issues I have with the iPad 3 is that it runs exceptionally hot -- a problem with all iPad 3's that seems to be rectified with the 4. Speed generally is never an issue ... until you start drawing. The iPad 4 has a faster processor and faster graphics, which should make the drawing a smoother experience. Although with how deliberate I am in my drawing, I'm probably making that into a bigger issue than it is.

So I'm eyeballing a 32gb cellular iPad 4 in the Apple refurb store. It's a chunk of change, and I can afford it, but I also know that there's a new raft of iPads coming in the Fall in addition to the fact that as functional as the iPad and Bamboo stylus are, they probably don't hold a candle to the Galaxy Note 10.1. What's a gadget-whore to do?

Ah .... my silly obsessions ....