This is my 75th Seminal Works comic strip. I feel like we should celebrate or something.

Some contextual awareness:

My feature film (yes, it's real and it's called "Caffeine") was introduced in this strip:
The Movie:

Zaphod Zombie is a character that I wrote a book about and introduced in this strip:
The Book:

(Sidenote: that strip is also serves as some pretty blatant foreshadowing, both in terms of character and, well, seeing things that aren't there.)

The strip immediately preceding this one sets up Jordan's fragile mental state:

... and that was literally based on getting my official rejection and then the general manager of one of the dealerships I worked for saying that I was "better than" this hilariously kitchy commercial I had delivered -- the kitch being a creative solution to some truly idiotic, completely-lacking-in-taste guidelines imposed by the manager in the first place.

(Not that it has any relevance to the strip, but my commercial aired with kitch intact.)

So there you go. A little over a year since I began -- literally saying that I "just want to do something that's creatively fulfilling" -- I've finally finished my 75th strip. And a storm is a brewing.