This was a whirlwind of a comic, inspired by the opening lines of a blog Tripp wrote a few days ago, titled 'Letting Theology Go'. He posted it on the 19th and posted the comic at about 2am on the 23rd. Crazy. Here's why:

- Every panel is individually drawn and painted. No substantial copying and pasting here.
- Aside from my wedding poster (which admittedly is in a completely different style) I had never drawn Tripp, so I needed to work out his design and outfit.
- Usually I sketch with a blue pencil and then ink on top of that. This time I sketched it all out with the final black ink and whittled the sketches down. This was a mistake.
- Having embraced the fact that my comic generally takes place with front-facing characters against solid-color backgrounds (simple much???) I decided to start adding some basic shading to the color comics. This is the first, regular example.
- Tripp's beard is two-toned.
- The script has been re-written three or four times, with the final edits happening at about 1am last night, before the comic was posted.

Aside from that, I love how this worked out to basically be two separate 3-panel strips. The gag in the first one ("God bless you. I'M A THEOLOGIAN!!!") still makes me giggle, and makes a perfect Seminal Works are for Pornstars counter-point theologians taking themselves a bit too seriously.

Is it offensive? I dunno and I don't care. Theology comes and goes but bro-love is forever.

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