This week's comic is appropriately in black-and-white. But only because I didn't have time for anything else. In fact, I fully expected to put the strip on hiatus for a few weeks while I transition out of my day job. Instead, I wrote this script in the shower Wednesday morning and had it posted on Facebook by the afternoon.

There's been a profound melancholy this week, and not for any of the obvious reasons. It's not that my 3-year engagement as the Holler-Classic un-titled art/creative director is coming to an end. It's not that the expectations I placed on my employer were never met, even upon my departure. It's not that diving head-first into self-employment is a truly horrifying proposition. It's not that I have an overwhelming sense of responsibility to my wife and our new house and it's very easy to look at these decisions I'm making as a shirking of that responsibility.

It's because I HAVE the support of my wife and people who respect my talent and that beyond that invisible threshold lies an entire world of potential and possibility.

... that I can only get at in two weeks, after the zombified corpse of this career-pit-stop releases its grip on me.

And despite how I may have been treated, that's not at all meant disrespectfully. When the decision is made, actions are set into motion, and this 2-week courtesy boils down to some weird, corporate zombification.

And that's fucking sad. So I'm going to be melancholy for two more days (this Friday is the conclusion of my 2-week notice). And then you better believe I'll be welcoming that world of potential and possibility with wide-open arms.

See you on the flipside.