I'm not entirely sure if this constitutes a proper installment of the Seminal Works are for Pornstars comic. I know it falls under "Seminal Works", for sure; it's done SOMEWHAT in the style of the comic ... but that's about where the overlap seems to end.

This graphic is an interpretation of a series of fictional paintings I described in my novella "Religiously Roasted Every Goddamn Day" (it's actually described in the first chapter, which is free to read right here). Ever since I wrote the scene, I always thought it would be cool if someone actually painted a series of canvases depicting Jesus in a variety of different ethnicities. Of course, I'm much more of a digital artist, so I condensed the theme down to four panels in a single graphic. As I was sharing drafts on Facebook and Instagram, the title eventually became obvious: "Who's Your Jesus?"

The reason I actually made this (aside from it being a fairly rad piece of art)  was because as I was thinking about the original description of the paintings, I visualized an actual scene from the novella -- Alan and Dave sitting at their table in the coffee shop, the Jesus paintings behind them. The shot is through the door (or window) of the coffee shop, and the shop's name ("Religiously Roasted Every Goddamn Day") is layered on top -- literally, looking through the window of the shop at the two boys.

That'd be a pretty good book cover.

Step one was to visualize the multi-ethnic Jesus paintings and, well, now I just have to draw the rest of it.

So there you go.

What do you think? Who's your favorite Jesus?