If you need a refresher, here you go:

This whole storyline started ten strips ago, in #74, when a series of events began challenging Jordan's day-to-day sanity. At his first breaking point (#75, The Watterson), Jordan began seeing (and subsequently conversing with) one of his fictional characters: Zaphod Zombie. The second tipping point served as a structural/narrative pivot where Zaphod literally pivots and begins engaging with another fully-fictional character, V'Dara Vampire.

(Fun fact: Zaphod, V'Dara, Jordan's mental state, and more were foreshadowed much earlier in strip #57.)

Completely off the hinges and embracing the fourth wall with a great big bear hug, Jordan breaks completely from the reality of the comic strip to engage with his no-nonsense alter-ego, Krumbine's Brain in an attempt to explain current and future narrative changes and create a more flexible structure for telling stories.

That makes perfect sense. Right? Right?!