When Beanie Boy--a youtube vlogger that no one has ever heard of before--begins talking to puppets, well, it's pretty much business as usual.

For the love of zombies.


As the genesis continues, it becomes apparent that Beanie Boy needs validation. Please validate him. All night long.

Zaphod Zombie -- read the novel!


There's a surprisingly long history to The Beanie Boy Show .... even if we don't have the episodes to prove it.


Beanie Boy makes a set piece and then decides that he might be a little less than sane.

These were actually two independent episodes and as I was recutting and re-arranging the show, my original intention was to drop them from the lineup completely. However, there was a good creative milestone and an important story point, so I decided to just combine the two episodes into what you see here.


This episode is one of the more seminal pieces of work I've done, both in general and in this series. Producing a show of this breadth completely by yourself poses a few unique problems to the vocally unimaginative ... namely that most of the voices I did sounded the same. Basically, I knew I needed to change Richard's voice and, story-wise, I needed to give him something more to do. Which is why his voice cracks and changes throughout the episode. And why the episode is called "Puberty".

I think that's enough of an explanation, yeah?



Determined to be "helpful", Doug decides to hire a new writer for the show. Kind of.

Sexkittens. Getting sexy minus the sex.


If ever there was an opus for The Beanie Boy Show, this is is. After bringing Maggie on board to help reshape the show, old personal conflict is unearthed as the sky begins to open up.

For the love of Zombies


The Beanie Boy Show is a show about a guy (trying) to make videos with his puppet friends. This episode features Beanie Boy's rebooted show and the discovery of an old nemesis (Kindman!) in an unexpected situation.

Zaphod Zombie -- Living Impaired Among the Unimpaired Living. Read the book based on the comics!


The Beanie Boy Show is a show about a guy (trying) to make videos with his puppet friends.  This episode delves into Beanie Boy's obsession with Kindman's apparent success.

Original music by The Aristocracy!

d8 w/ d34th -- a text message based thriller


In this unplanned finale of The Beanie Boy Show (this was originally a two-parter that was never completed), a commenter named JLCano85 left a potentially offensive comment on all of Beanie Boy's videos.