It's the final episode of SEXKITTENS!

Sam points out the fatal flaw in Krumbine's game.  Namely that he doesn't HAVE game.

As expected, things get bad for Krumbine.  Very bad.

Falynne and Heidi take center stage when Falynne offers to co-host the show.

When Krumbine turns to his sister for help with the co-host spot, he runs into someone unexpected.

Sharilynn thinks she's the perfect fit for the co-host spot .... but apparently she and Krumbine aren't seeing eye-to-eye.

Sharilynn decides that co-hosting Sexkittens might be fun.

Krumbine discovers a mistake in the format of the show, which leads to unexpected possibilities.

With the show stuck in the roadblock of compromise, a new person enters the fold.

How far will Krumbine go in letting compromise pollute his vision for the show?